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About Us

Alain Sergile
Founder | President is a social platform for healthcare professionals to freely and anonymously express themselves in discussions that demonstrate their feelings, and chronicle their journeys in becoming professionals in the healthcare industry from the human capital.

It seeks to create discussions that will serve as a voice and call to industry leaders to inspire changes from industry norms and standards in the human capital, for a better employee experience and hence patient satisfaction – anonymously.

So, join a community of like-minded professionals to share your knowledge, express your human capital pain points and network with one another to influence changes. The human capital is the fabric of all operations.  When properly valued in practice, it has a powerful trickle-down effect that can positively affect the employee experience and thus the patient experience – a win-win.

What were your journey like in the industry in becoming professionals? From your experiences as candidates, with your coworkers and Managers? What were some of the greatest work environments that you’ve encountered and the not-so-great ones? What management styles worked or did not work best for you?  How about the different cultures, and the series of unfortunate events in dealing with H/R?

How can Managers, Human Resources Professionals, Front-line Professionals, and Support Staffs lead the way in improving the Human capital in the healthcare industry?

This is YOUR forum, so make your voices heard!

I can’t wait to hear your stories…